How It Goes: I

How it goes
How it goes

Was all he said for a while
I tapped biro on line-ruled paper pile
It was all that I could do
And I’m sure you’d do it too

How it goes
How it goes
Let’s be simple, me and you
Let’s be true

The floor is yours; tell what you know
I’m not about to fuck this one man show

I know
I know
How it goes
How it goes
I’m immortal and it shows
To the clowns that grow and grow
There’s a line I’m loath to cross

Don’t hasten, let’s emboss
Let’s lay a marker:
It can’t get darker

It’s there already
I’m not ready
It’s all just broke

Do you mind if I smoke?

No, go ahead.
I’ve quit now, gum instead.

That’s good
We all should
Throw me a line and I’ll try
To fathom the who, what and why

I did something

Let’s talk, let’s sing

He was my son
The one with the gun

I know
I know

I’m a vengeful soul

Tell me how it goes


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