In Lightning Storms and Endeavours

The umbrella held sway
while we kissed;
I was ruined.
Each train, we just missed.

I can scold my hands
on the fire
that lights up the sky:
a shimmering spire.

Are you ravenous yet?
While we run
down the cobbles
where the cannons and guns

fired loose at the air
in memories of others.
Pray just a moment
for our sisters and brothers.

Hands sticky with sweets
we know we
eat with such gusto and childish glee.

The sun rises soon and
the ground feels cool
to the touch
though I’m warmer with you.

Diesel misfires while we
skip to a beat
of a drum on a bridge
that’s drowned out by feet.

Pockets of shrapnel
well hidden, stuffed deep;
we’re cacophonous now
and we crave lonely sleep.


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