Dear Diary

Day 1 – The moon is morose, defunct it seems
Day 2 – Hand hurts from scribbling down unachievable dreams
Day 3 – There’s a poltergeist in the attic who screams and screams
Day 4 – I can’t sleep anymore
Day 5 – At work, I’m a bore
Day 6 – Exhausted Malaise
Day 7 – I could sleep for days

Day 10 – Awake, I hope his feeling stays
Day 11 – Question my own existence, again
Day 12 – Run a marathon, drunk, for a friend
Day 13 – Finish marathon, sober
Day 14 – Join a hunt for Red October
Day 15 – I’m feeling myself again
Day 16 – The ghost has gone, with you, somewhere
Day 17 – I could climb a mountain or two
Day 18 – Less self-introspection might help
Day 19 – I’m dust on the shelf
Day 20 – Rain is chasing me down
Day 21 – I’m unsighted, indifferent to the death of a cow
Day 22 – Did I hear some muttering above?
Day 23 – The cold firmly shakes my only glove
Day 24 – I shudder in a hot bathtub
Day 25 – TV looks better through my finger-stubs
Day 26 – The market stall stench is perfect, somehow
Day 28 – I cry for the heat of June
Day 29 – The fading sun reveals the moon


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