Rubber Duck

Timeless, the world subsides / around a pair of beady eyes / yellowed, like pages lost / to time, with words embossed / which prophecise / a world besides / that green and blue / dewy, wet hue / currents rock and roll / to take their endless toll / coursing wet heat / overburdened by the march of feet / that run and run / have jump and spun / and slung heavy metals / to the wind / yellow skin unfazed, unfaded / slick shell not degraded / to years of solitary / wandering and staring / afloat he gazes / at churning phases / without opinions stuck / in moulded, hollowed


machined indifference / this new god knows not its name / or the meaning of its infinite game / to which he is thrown / the tides flow again and again as / Immortal Clockwork / a vacuous refrain.


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