Forever Numb

Chains that rattle when I
Raise my arms.
Daylight prattle which
Preys on my head.
A deep pain, a longing,
A throbbing desire.
A thirst, a comfort,
A distilled attire.
Buck trends and fuck friends: “I’ll
drink to that!”
Making amends each
Clouded morning.
Sinking again into
Liquid mourning.
Pride when it’s clear and
sorrow when it’s here, I’m
Wresting a rage,
Denying a page.
This is lust,
I am rust.
Fill me up again.
Rocks, robust hold
Smoke and are still
Where waves wash
Cold and flaming.
In dreams I’m alive,
Pouring soul into time
With a crystal of
Plenty, we are forever numb.



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