A strip of sea dressed with flecks of wild ice
Runs black and murky between us.

I wave into the cold air and it
Sucks vicelike at my shivering fingers.

You hesitate, I think, behind an
Ornamental mist; a sheen, frigid.

Light dulls where clouds hide the sky
As though it were a hidden message.

“I remember crying here”, I say,
Hoping the words reach your ears
On the wind.

Drums sound in the distance and I’m lost,
For a moment, pushing away the memory.

A fish leaps, almost precisely where
Our eyes meet. A wet thrash consumes it.

Have you ever wondered how far
You could swim in this water before you’d drown?

I imagine I have.

You turn and leave and I stop shivering.
The light falls like a bomb and I’m alone again.



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