A monkey playing in the rubbish
A Cherokee remorse
Guttural dislodging
A plaintive divorce

Butterflies and cockroaches
In grass so lush and green
Miles of burning bushes
The highest flames you’ve ever seen

This Buckaroo’s misfiring
It’s fucked beyond repair
It launched my child into the bushes
Fire up that electric chair

Clogged with oil and gold bars
I’m sitting on a pile
Of ancestral money
I’ll be counting for a while.

This dog won’t stop barking
Even though it’s had a treat
I’ve cut off its head with a machete
And strung it up by its four feet.

Brandish a dream, we’ll make it happen
You’ll be a millionaire in a week
I’ll just take your wife and your children
The Queen’s English, we’ll ensure they speak.



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