Impeach; cobbled and knobbled,
The great beast yawns
Spit and sawdust,
Fire and phlegm.

Keep the hell-fires stoked
And our kid’s children choked
On the hot air you
Pass off as rhetoric.

This mewling cat can’t be grabbed
Or his soft back stabbed.
He is the Kryptonite to
Your Nietschean nightmare.

With iron grids before you,
The snowflake kids implore you,
The news is real, I can assure you.

Strut, grin and bully;
The concrete empress and her offspring.
You shirk honour, you sarcoma, anointed.

There’s a fetishised whip,
An adamantium grip,
And all of your slugs
They shoot from the hip.

Delusions of grandeur
And heaps of hot candour
Leak bile to the sulphuric seas.

There’s a swaggering cowboy, with
A pulsating Walmart toy,
That’ll bring you to your bruised knees.

Waste not, hypertension,
With a feint of aggression.
You screech and you cry for attention.

Know these few words, gladly:
You will fall madly
Into history;
Torn, burning, “who?!




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