Balk at the sun.
I’m a refuge, unchained.
There’s a fire inside me
Which lusts after rains.
Ingrained and unashamed,
The waves lapping
And clapping at games.
Big, arch, monied;
Turn the handle,
The screw, to cut down
The little, embittered,
And few.

Balk at the sun!
How it burns, red
On white and
Yearns dogs to bite.
Simply ignite
A nation’s underbite.
Tear away pop-
Art and propa’
Goose-steppin’ shite.
See what they’ve done
‘Fore they turn off your light.

Balk at the sun.
With eyes shielded,
Seek shade.
Seek knowledge,
Well made.
Dance for a storm
And withered coffers
‘Til they fall,
Aghast and forlorn.

Bask in the sun
Of a future, well won.




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